We are a versatile partner and system supplier. With us, you will find high-quality services ranging from design to prototype series manufacturing and further development work.

System deliveries

We provide everything required for system deliveries from design to prototype installations and sub-contracting.


We offer circuit diagram, wiring harness and layout design services for our customers. If necessary, for the first deliveries we also provide installation design to ensure the compatibility and easy installation of our products. We have, for example, Autocad and Vertex software at our disposal.


We carry out control system logic planning for various types of work machinery and special vehicles with PLC development tools, and we also implement user interface applications according to the customer’s wishes.
The systems are designed and tailored according to the sensors, proportional valves, monitors, hydraulic pumps and motors selected by the customer.
We program Danfoss, Epec and Enovation Controls (Murphy) modules and monitors and document the software products manufactured by us.


We manufacture 12–24 VDC and 400–1,000 VAC switchboards for work machines, part systems and industrial plants.
We provide a comprehensive report about switchboard testing for the client.

Wiring harnesses

Quickly and reliably, we also manufacture wiring harnesses for vehicles and work machinery for demanding conditions all around the world.
Moreover, we make wiring harnesses for product development needs and as spare parts. When necessary, we also craft single pieces, which speeds up product development. Modern hardware and production control enable great quality and quick delivery times!
All wiring harnesses manufactured by us can be tested in accordance with the customer’s requirements.

Pre-assembled conductor wires and cables

We manufacture various pre-assembled conductor wires and cables with insulated or non-insulated end sleeves and markings according to the customer’s needs.


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